Come plant your roots in Paradise!

Here you will find ways to network, volunteer, play sports, and learn about fun events in the community.  You will find connections to outdoor activities, meeting groups, non-profit organizations making a positive impact on this community, and churches of all faiths.  Come and meet your new team mates, new best friends, and new mentors.  

About the Organizers

Plant Your Roots is our name for a series of events created by the YP Portal Governance Committee (formerly called the Social Integration & Community Planning Committee) of the YP Portal Governance Board.  This is a joint committee with the YP Portal Governance Board and its funding partners, Chico's FAS, Lee Health, and SWFL Community Foundation, as well as the other initiators of the YP Portal, the Horizon Council and it's partner the Lee County Economic Development Office.  The current members of the governance board are Young Professionals Inc., the Greater Fort Myers Chamber of Commerce, the Bonita Springs Area Chamber of Commerce, and Young Professionals of Naples.  CCYP - Charlotte County Young Professionals is expected to be added shortly. 

Some new names such as Community United were being brainstormed for this committee in 2016.  Also, check out logo options for our Plant Your Roots series here.

The initial purpose of the committee was to "develop traction around engaging young professionals in our community."  However, from the committee arose the wish to include all of the major employers in Lee, Collier and Charlotte Counties, as well as many non-profits in the area.  The purpose is to help our local employers limit attrition, by connecting their employees to the community.  The employers have recognized there is a large cost associated with recruiting and moving new employees to the area, and then training them, only to have to refill those positions when the employees don't feel at home here in Southwest Florida, and leave.    

The YP Portal Governance Board, our funding partners, the Horizon Council, the Lee County Economic Development Office and others wish to create a true alliance of community organizations and employers, focused on helping these recruits develop roots in this community, and truly feel Southwest Florida is their new home.

We hope you will join us in this effort.

If you are a large employer in the Southwest Florida region, and are interested in possibly helping fund the YP Portal at, reach out to Dan Sinclair for a presentation on the portal. 

Dan Sinclair
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For more information on the YP Portal Governance Board, go to

Plant Your Roots is a trademark of Young Professionals, Inc. reserved for the YP Governance Board, for the purpose of the YP Portal Governance Board's YP Portal Advisory Committee (formerly called the Social Integration & Community Planning Committee)